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A would-be serial killer has a change of heart after meeting the Devil during a murder attempt.


You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast which is a production of Dissonance Media.


The Ride was written by Gabriel Tuggle. You can catch him on Instagram @partyoftuggle

Gabriel has also been published at the JJ Outre Review – https://thejjoutrereview.com/sometimes-they-grow/


This story was narrated by the wonderfully talented Falconetti.


Malech was performed by Xander from the Xander and Stone podcast. A Science and Supernatural podcast where they talk about all things weird. Just search for Xander & Stone wherever you get your podcast or head over to http://www.xspodcast.com/ or follow his personal Instagram account: Xander Zweig


Jimmy Horrors was performed by James Barnett.

This episode was edited and produced by James Barnett.

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