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Hello everyone and happy Friday!!! I cannot believe how fast the days fly by!! In this episode, I will be working with a guest host!!! Her name is Raven, and she is an amazing source of magick and knowledge! We’re starting a series called “The portal”, where we’ll be talking about different topics in each episode and today’s episode is called “Moon Child” !! We have this vision of bringing you guys into a portal/realm of knowledge that will dive into fun topics! “Moon Child” talks about magick 101 and we will enter into what I like to call “Moonology”!! It’s a very educational episode to really get the gist of the basics and witchcraft!! I hope you guys enjoy!! Please let me know if you guys are interested in other topics so I can weave it into different episodes!! Happy Friday again, and thanks for LISTENING!!!
You can contact Raven’s Instagram by clicking this link : https://www.instagram.com/quotethegeek