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The Pineridge Cemetery in Birds Hill Park – Episode 180

This is a flashback episode to a recording we forgot we had! we apologize in advance that 1) the wind was really, really bad that day, mind you it was October 2) there were no ghosts to be found or heard on this recording. however if, as always, YOU happen to hear something nefarious or odd, definitely let us know!.

Before there was Birds Hill Provincial Park off of Hiwhway 59 in Manitoba, just north of Winnipeg, there was a community called Pineridge. You may be familliar with the restuarnt and the  golf course of the same name, off of Garven Rd, However this was a whole community with homesteads of mostly immigrant famillies that settled the area to start a new life.  Their new life was far from easy. 

But those families are no longer there once it became a Park, however just the deceased loved ones remain in the cemetery that sits winin th Birds hill Park! Oh, and it happes to be an active burial property as people are still buried there to this day, but it has to be the decendants of the previous inhabitants of the famillies that once lived there. 

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