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Part Deux – Again at The Park Theatre for MB Podfest ! Your Audio Curators, Jas and Sher continue with the meeting and greeting of other local podcasters. On this week’s episode more people pop by the ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ table to share their encounters with the paranormal in the City of Winnipeg.

‘Critical Thinking’ podcast, ‘Reefer Madness’ Podcast from Dauphin, MB, ‘The Invisible Man Podcast’ and ‘Teachings In The Air’ podcast stop by to get acquainted. But….Chris from ‘Not Yet Named’ Podcast shares his scary experience from when he was 20 years old during his night job – creepy! Jason & Ruby stop by to share their hemp biscuits while Jason describes a story from his childhood home on Jubilee that they had to flee from after living with angry ghosts for only a week! As well Jas and Sher met Rae and Cupcake from the 2 Baked Girls who themselves have lived in worked in Haunted houses and locations!!! We plan on have a special episode with them – a cross-over if you will where we bring the Coconut Tequila and they bring the devil’s lettuce!

But next week’s episode will be our final installment at The Park Theatre which focuses on the history and the HAUNTINGS of The Park Theatre itself as shared by the owner – because, EVERYONE has a ghost story!

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