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In this episode of Hidden in the Shadows we are discussing the topic of The Other Side. We pull our own personal experiences with spirit communication and how they have described the other side. We’ll discuss a little about the entities we’ve encountered and how we’ve been shown the other side is like. We also dive into some theories we have on spiritual communication as well as the other side for spirits that are stuck here.

We’ll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One..

What’s coming next? : In the next episode we are diving in and exploring haunted battlefield as well as spirits of war.

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Digging our intro and Outro music? Every time we go through a change in the podcast, we’ve introduced new intro and outro music. For a good chunk of time, it was from the band Maudlin. Which if you heard any episodes up until this one! Make sure to check out Maudlin! They are an amazing band!

Our new music is called Swamp Witch by Slip. Stream

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Song featured: Stacy Dahl- Maudlin

Tik Tok: @_maudlin_

Instagram: @_maudlin_

Listen to more of their music on Spotify and YouTube!

Song featured in previous episodes: Stacy Dahl- Maudlin

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