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Thank you for being so patient with us! You will hear all about what we got up to at the beginning of Episode I – Season 2! 

This episode was called The Old Switcheroo and was all about Changelings in honour our Alex having just had a baby! (he's the cutest thing we have ever seen…but is he really a human? Caoimhe tested him with her very own quiz at the end of the show!)

Between the start and the finish though we delved head first into fairy lore and a cultural folktale that has transcended both borders and time – the changeling. From babies being hit in the back of the head with a sheaf of wheat to why eggshells are so mystical, we picked apart the societal fears and worries for new life – and we kept ending up in Tipperary! We also kicked off the season with an ovoid cocktail based off the classic 'flips' courtesy of our resident phantom bartender – Alex! Cheers to being reunited!

Helping us 'crack-on' with our return were the following sources:  Archaeology Ireland, The Irish History Podcast, punchdrink.com, VinePair.com, Difford's Guide, Thomas Crofton Croker's Fairies in Southern Ireland, dúchas.ie, https://creggan1.tripod.com/Creggan2h.htm 
, Eggshells and Changelings (weebly.com), hauntedattractiononline.com, 'Changeling' – J.H. Moncrieff (jhmoncrieff.com & the Writing in the Margins blog. 

As ever you can find our recipes for our first cocktail of Season 2 on our Instagram @irishspiritspodcast 

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It's good to be back!

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