The Oakville Blobs: Sky Jelly or Government Cover-Up? | 279

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We know the saying is “there’s always room for Jell-O”, but maybe not when it falls from the sky and is full of human white blood cells. Or at least that is what the population of Oakville, Washington would have us believe after they experience this very thing in 1994. Six times over a period of three weeks the region was plagued with gelatinous blobs falling from the sky. They made residents sick, killed pets, and are still unsolved. What fell from the sky in Washington State? Was the U.S. government behind the whole thing? Why does Cobra Commanders Weather Dominator make Conspiracy Bot so giddy? We take a crack at answering those and many more question on the podcast that truly always DOES have room for Jell-O – Hysteria 51.

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