The Mystery Woman on the Highway & The After-life Hotel, with Aura

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The following episode contains a story about suicide. In March of this year, I received an email from a woman named Aura, a fellow Filipino American. She claimed to have had countless paranormal experiences so she wrote out the titles and asked which ones I was interested in hearing. All the titles were accompanied by a brief description, some even had picture proof! There was something about Aura’s email that immediately made me feel like she wasn’t pulling my leg, but really did have genuine stories that she eagerly wanted to share. When we finally met on Zoom, we honestly could have talked for hours. And since we’ve recorded, she has sent me even more baffling videos and stories. This will definitely not be the only time you hear of Aura on this show. She is a beautiful storyteller, and I’m excited to share 2 of her many stories that I absolutely cannot stop thinking about. Thanks Magic Spoon for sponsoring this episode! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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