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IN THIS EPISODE: America is full of creepy tales about ghosts that give us chills. We’ll explore some of the most famous ones. (The Most Famous Ghosts In America) *** In 1996, in a quiet neighborhood in Austin, Texas, something terrible happened to six-year-old Katherine Korzilius. She was a sweet girl who wanted to show she could walk home alone from the mailbox. But when her family returned from shopping, Katherine was missing. What happened to her? Was it an accident, or something worse? (What Happened To Katherine Korzilius?) *** It’s October 21, 1638, and the quaint English village of Widecombe-in-the-moor is holding services at St. Pancras church. But this Sunday will be like no other. As Minister George Lyde speaks to his 300 congregants, darkness engulfs the church, followed by thunder so loud it shakes the stone walls. Then, a fiery orb crashes through a window, causing chaos and destruction. Witnesses describe terrifying scenes: a man’s head bashed against a pillar, a dog thrown into the air by flames, and bodies burnt to ash while clothes remain untouched. What happened at this small town church? (The Scalding And Burning of 1638) *** Ever heard of criminals so clueless they seem straight out of a cartoon? From bungling burglars to comically misguided crooks, Some cartoon criminals will have you laughing and shaking your head at the same time.(Cartoon Criminals) *** Sin-eaters are described as people hired to assume the sins of a dead person by eating food placed near the corpse. Why did society feel the need for such a service and why would a person choose to accept a role which was viewed with such revulsion? (Sin Eaters: Saviors of the Walking Damned)

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Originally aired: March 29, 2024

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