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When one thinks of a picturesque landscape and mystical region of the world, Scotland is most likely number one on many people’s lists. A country, stacked with glorious history and filled with national identity, is also famous for some of the greatest mysteries and myths ever told. From the infamous search for the Loch Ness Monster – as well as other mythical creatures such as the Kelpies and Selkies – to The Ghost Piper of Clanyard Bay and Corryvreckan Whirlpool, Scotland is a nation full of folklore and mysticism. Not only does the country pride itself on inspiring tales of historical heroes and surround itself with beautiful scenery, Scotland is also a legendary hotspot for paranormal activity; especially that of UFO sightings. 

In this video we will investigate the most recent discovery that has stunned the UFO community and baffled the world; a photograph that has finally been unveiled after being kept hidden for more than 30 years, now being dubbed ‘The Best UFO Picture Ever Taken’. 

A tremendous thank you to Jeremy & Dan for making sure the information in this video is correct and up to date. 

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