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When you hear the words “The Men-in-Black” some of you will immediately, in your mind, hear that catchy tune sung by Will Smith. Or think of the movie of the same name. For some people however, the fact that a movie was created from real-life events and beings does not escape notice, particularly if you have had the experience of meeting such beings. These meetings sometimes, but not always, follow encounters of whatever description, with UFOs or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon), which is the preferred term used these days.

We live in a very mysterious world, and there’s so very much that we don’t understand about it. And, that is just on this planet…. But, we also live in a universe that for those of us who are experiencers, know is teaming with life. There are many things that happen here that just don’t make any sort of sense at all. Some say that The Men-in-Black belong in the don’t make any sense category. What or who are they? Where do they come from? What is their purpose?

In this episode I explore the myths and the realities of these encounters and beings. I personally had an encounter with these beings the day after a close UFO encounter. I share my story with you in this episode, along with the experiences shared by many other people.

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