“THE MAN WHO COULD MAKE DEAD FISH TALK” and 3 More True, Macabre Stories! #WeirdDarkness

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IN THIS EPISODE: A child murdering their parents is, thankfully, rare – but when it happens, it grabs headlines. But some of the reasons that a child gives for murdering his or her own mother can be downright shocking and unbelievable. (They Murdered Their Mothers) *** For decades, firefighters at the Chicago Fire Department noticed an eerie hand print that left a permanent mark on a casement, which could not be washed, scraped or removed, despite several attempts. Legends circulated, and many believed that the handprint had a rather macabre history, belonging to a fellow firefighter. (The Ghostly Handprint of Francis Leavy) *** Just the word “lobotomy” brings images of cruelty, inhumane treatment under the guise of medicine, and a procedure that could more appropriately be labeled as torture. We’ll look at a few cases of individuals who had a lobotomy performed on them… and the disturbing results. (The Victims of Lobotomies) *** Ventriloquists don’t have a lot of prestige when it comes to the entertainment industry – on many lists they are just one rung higher than a juggler. But they’ve been throwing their voices at us for centuries. And one man named James Burns was so good at his art, he was tossed into jail for it! (The Man Who Could Make Dead Fish Talk)
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