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On this episode of Those Conspiracy Guys we discuss the man who possibly could have had the strongest influence on the shaping of society as we know it and whose banking and business practices paved the way for the system of finance that prevails across the world today. We talk about his history, his influence and the circumstances in which he thrived as a entrepreneur and moulded America and world finance to his will, this show is all about The Life and Times of JP Morgan.

The Morgan family stemmed from pretty auspicious circumstances as advisers and financiers of Kings of England, and soon made their way to the new world. Deeply rooting themselves in the property and banking industries in a fledgling America, the Morgans soon had major influence and started creating a wealth some couldn’t even dream about. From this business infrastructure John Pierpont bought his way into the railway and steel industries and for every rail station in every town in the US, he also had an accompanying bank. This helped spread his influence country wide.

During the financial panic in 1907, after multiple repeated panics in the latter half of the 19th century, JP Morgan and fellow bankers and business men, decided they would put an end to this financial instability. They colluded secretly at the fabled Jekyll Island meeting where the Federal Reserve banking system was born and the yoke of financial control was permanently lobbed around the neck of the U|nited States.

Morgan was instrumental in many 20th century feduciary and industrial innovations and reconstructions and his influence is still felt today as one of the architects of the financial system, the boom bust economy, and the eventual crashes that its unstable and unsustainable nature creates. All this and more as we discuss The Life and Times of JP Morgan!

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