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The Legend of The Old Man of The Woods in Marchand, MB

Jas and Sher love a good legend, even more so when it’s told first hand by someone who has experienced it! This week’s episode, your Audio Curator’s interview Lorena who contacted ‘Giving Up The Ghost’. She tells of the harmless yet curious and sometimes mischievous spirit that watches you in the forest and sometimes will let you know you, that you are not alone!

The Old Man of the Forest will even go as far as to wonder the residences in the countryside and rattle the door knobs, just to make sure they are locked – a little more than unnerving on a cold, secluded night in the country for sure!

Listen to the real life experiences that Lorena and her family have encountered as well as living with transient spirits that seem to wander through town and the forests surrounding Marchand, Manitoba.
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Where Lorena’s security camera captured some unusual activity at her business shop!

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