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Come along for this week’s episode as we discuss America’s Loch Ness Monster, Champ from lake Champlain!


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Sightings of Champ go back hundreds of years or more. Local Native American tribes even have legends of the beast living in the lake. We have good evidence from modern sightings. For instance, the 1977 Mansi photo is compelling. What did she capture in the picture? It doesn’t look like anything normal. We also discuss the 2009 Eric Olsen video, which provides rare photographic evidence of something strange. There was also a study that showed something in the lake uses echo location. What could that possible be?


Did you know that the Lake Champlain Monster is protected by local laws? It’s true! Champ is a big part of the area’s culture. One can find statues, murals, souvenirs, and many things Champ related in the cities and towns on the shores of Lake Champlain. Burlington also boasts the world’s tallest filing cabinet, which has nothing to do with Champ, but is still pretty cool.


So what causes these sightings? A giant sturgeon? A Plesiosaur hiding in deep underwater caves? Let’s find out in this week’s episode!


We also discuss celebrity music, for example Stephen Segal’s mind boggling song Me Want The Punani. Yes, I’m afraid it is all too real.


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