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New Zealand is a small country in the South Pacific, for those who don’t know us. Comprising of two main Islands, the North and the South Islands. We are the last stop, and the main gateway to most countries in the world who have bases in the Antarctic. So geographically we are a fairly isolated country, however, our isolation does not preclude us from our fair share of UFO sightings and encounters…. This episode is about our most famous sighting. One that made the news all over the world and is widely regarded as being in the world’s top ten credible, filmed UFO encounters.

In this episode I go over a timeline of the events on both nights and basic rundown of the over all events. Also, I am very thrilled to have one of the last surviving professional witnesses to those encounters. My guest is a gentleman, now in his late eighties, who was on duty and in control of the Wellington Air Traffic Control Center at the time of these incidents. He is so kind as to share his recollection of the events with us all. His name is John Cordy. John shares with us his recollections of how the events unfolded and the ongoing effect this has had on his life.

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