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Greetings Gotham City!

It’s me, the classic character, Joker-Riddler-Penguin! And I’m here to wreck all your trains!

This will all make sense in approximately 45 minutes to an hour but in the meantime HELLO and welcome weirdos to another episode of KEEP IT WEIRD with Ashley Casseday & Lauren Ogle.

Each week we get together to teach each other strange science, tell creepy stories, and share magical thoughts and this week we’ve got quite the variety for you.

Ashley is starting us off with a WHAT IF GOD WAS ONE OF US by teaching us the Gospel of Mary Magdanele and how her ideas of the Christian faith shifted by her own reading of these amazing biblical books that didn’t make it into the final draft of the bible.

Lauren TRIES to lighten the mood by talking about how plants in A BIT O’ BIOLOGY might be able to talk and hear but it ends up being kind of depressing because we realize how many plants we’ve killed over the years.

Ashley brings us around to an UNSOLVED MYSTERY as we try to solve the case of the runaway train in Hoboken New Jersey in 2016 and the ominous evil Dr Seuss message that preceded the crash.

And Lauren finishes us off with an (as usual) very special DERP CORNER where we try to understand why a man in a high speed chase would choose the slowest getaway car in history. Check out some links below for further education! 


Gospel of Mary Magdalene http://gnosis.org/library/marygosp.htm https://time.com/5210705/mary-magdalene-controversial/


Plants Making Sounds https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/stressed-plants-cry-and-some-animals-can-probably-hear-them/


2016 Hoboken Train Crash https://www.paranormalcatalog.net/unexplained-phenomena/new-york-tv-station-broadcasts-bizarre-warning-before-hoboken-train-crash




Derp of the Week: Tony Saunders https://www.huffpost.com/entry/school-bus-theft-dead-deer_n_642daa2be4b0b51a6cdeadba