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The Historic German Society Building

On this week’s special episode leading up to our ‘Special’ Christmas surprise for next week – we thought we introduce you to the very, very, cool and even older Building at 121 Charles St now home to The German Society of Winnipeg (www.gsw.com) since 1953, but before that it was the Hebrew Free School (Talmud Torah) built in 1912 and among 3 of the best Talmud Torahs in North America.

So much History and soooooo many spirits that remain in the building today – but who is there? Jas and Sher wonder. It is a Jewish teacher from the beginnings, former students that do not school is no longer in session or could it be an enthusiastic Deutschland partygoer that is attending a continual Oktoberfest in the ethereal. Everyone loves a good bratwurst and lager? Am I right? Ziga Zaga Ziga Zaga – OY ! OY ! OY!

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