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While passing a cemetery it’s often said that one should hold their breath. Whether this is done as a way to avoid angering the spirits or keep from breathing in the phantoms that haunt the graves, the reasoning is lost to time. But if you lived near a certain London cemetery in 1965, ghosts hitching a ride home with you may have been the least of your worries. In the span of a few short months, reports of strange and paranormal events flooded the local newspapers. Chilling apparitions, mysterious figures moving amongst the mausoleums, and dismembered human and animal corpses were among just a few of the terrifying tales that made the headlines. These occurrences would draw in two of the area’s most prominent paranormal investigators. Both had their own suspicions of what was at the heart of all of the gruesome and seemingly sinister activity. The two men would form a rivalry over how exactly to deal with the entity which would last decades and even produce a challenge to a duel of magical combat. This case file, join the Theorists as they bring garlic necklaces back into fashion with…The Highgate Vampire

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