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Episode Notes

It’s 1987: 40 years of UFOdom, and where were they? In this episode, we look at a “debate” held on the Paranet BBS, with believers and skeptics alike.
Here are the links to the full debate submissions. Note, these are plain text files, but the file extension on these is .dbt (for debate!) so your browser may melt, or something.
The Great UFO Debate (Introduction)
UFOlogy: After 40 Years, Still No Respect, by Jim Speiser
No Longer a Time to Debate! By Ralph Toscano
Forty Years! By Mr. Howard, the Former Ground Saucer Watch (GSW)
May 27h, 1987: The Great UFO Debate: Have We Got Anything?
Dale Ledoux of ParaNet Gamma in Louisiana
Friar Lucien Kemble on UFOs and UFOlogy
Mr. Klass: World’s Foremost UFO Debunker
The UFO: Forty Years On, by John D. Aultman
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