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Welcome to The Fun Zone…

This week is a HELTER SKELTER episode and you know what that means!!  Probably… Helter Skelters are where we give you all of our juiciest scraps. We have stories we want to tell that don’t quite fit into anything we have coming up or were cut for time on a previous episode and this is where you will find them!

This week Lauren is telling us the heartbreaking story of Joyce Carol Vincent, a 38 year old woman who died in her apartment in London and went undiscovered for over two years.  Then she lightens it up (sort of) with a fun new project that Russia is working on! Trust me, it’s totally sane and safe.

Ashley is teaching us about the strange unsolved disappearance of Frederick Valentich in 1978.  We listen to the final sound the black box of his Cessna 182L recorded and ask the question – did he crash into the ocean?  Or was he taken by something from out of this world?  Then we close the show with one of the most horrifying stories we’ve ever told as Ashley recounts the case of the Tri State Crematory in Noble, Georgia.

Hold on to your butts, this FUN zone gets pretty dark.


Warning: This episode contains foul language, graphic descriptions of death and body decomposition, and mentions of murder and suicide.