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In August of 1977, at the Big Ear Radio Telescope in Delaware, Ohio, astronomer Jerry Ehman reviewed a batch of computer printouts and was puzzled by a strange pattern in the data. The 72 seconds of readouts were so impressive, that Ehman circled the signal for his colleagues and wrote the simple word “Wow” next to it. The radio telescope had begun its part in the search for extraterrestrial life just 4 years earlier and a number of scientists thought they had finally found what they were looking for. They scanned the sky to find the signal again, desperately sweeping the coordinates from where it originated to attempt to find a repeat of the mysterious phenomenon. Unfortunately, no other signal was ever forthcoming and humans once again were possibly the only life in the Universe. Undaunted, scientists all over the world believe that there is life beyond our solar neighborhood, we just haven’t found it yet. This case file, join the Theorist as they reach out across the inconceivable infinity of space and find the ideas the orbit around…The Fermi Paradox

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