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On this episode, I’ll be talking with George Hobbs of The Fact Hunter podcast. It’s a great conversation but I’m sure it will upset some people. To be honest some of the things George suggested upset me but my role here isn’t to argue with my guests or fact check them. My goal here is to listen. There is a great TED talk from Julia Galef about mindsets. Specifically, she talks about The Soldier Mindset and the Scout Mindset. The Soldier’s Mindset is to win. They see every conversation as an argument to be won. They seek out information to fortify their beliefs. For someone in the Soldier Mindset finding out they are wrong means suffering a defeat. The Scout’s Mindset is to gather information. They see conversations as a chance to learn. They seek out information that challenges their beliefs. For someone in the Scout Mindset finding out they are wrong means they are making progress.

I think for lots of reasons too many of us live perpetually in the Soldier Mindset. I know I do. A previous incarnation of this very show was like that. Originally, I was just going to tell stories about the paranormal and then debunk them. I also developed a show that was just about Debunking Conspiracy Theories. But when I worked on these shows, I just never felt comfortable. I really struggled with this. I liked the concept. I thought these projects were worthwhile and people really were really encouraging about it. But I just wasn’t feeling it. Eventually, I decided that my discomfort with these shows was because they were just not my style.

Sure, I’ve got strong options and I frequently argue with people. But as a content creator, The Soldier Mindset just isn’t my style. I’m a scout not a soldier. I think if you listen to my work, you will see that. This show isn’t about converting people to my world view. It isn’t about winning an argument and proving I am right. This show is about exploring the edges of our reality. It’s about exploring the world view of others. It’s about challenging your preexisting beliefs.

This is The Podcast of Mystery. If you are looking for answers, this is the wrong show. Plenty of other shows have the answers to everything. My goal is to leave you with more questions after listening to an episode not less.

I’m not here to debunk or fact check my guests. I’m here to have a conversation. It’s up to you to decide what to believe and think.

I’d also like to address the inevitable argument about platforming. Platforming and canceling are two sides of the same coin. Both are used to create the impression that something important and meaningful has been said. In reality these terms so vague and ambiguous that they have lost all meaning. Seriously, next time you hear someone complaining about folks getting canceled or platformed ask them what those terms mean, and you’ll see what I what I’m talking about.  

There are things he says in this episode that I strongly disagree with. I think he is factually incorrect about a few things. I am not endorsing his ideas by having him on my show anymore that I’m endorsing any of the ideas presented by my guests.

With all that being said, I want to thank George for taking a chance and coming on this show. I want to thank him for sharing his thoughts and options.

So, I hope you enjoy this conversation. I hope it challenges you. I hope you learn something. George if you are listening, you’re welcome back on the show anytime.

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