The Outer Reach: Stories from Beyond

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THE OUTER REACH: Stories from Beyond is an anthology series inspired by pulp science fiction of the mid-century.
In this distant future, space travel is common and colonies span hundreds of different planets - but humans still struggle with small stuff: love, jealousy, ambition, failure and what it all means.

The Exodus Program and You

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What do you say to the residents of a planet facing imminent destruction? How do you convince them to leave their homes? Find out on this training tape intended for representatives of the Department of Frontier Affairs.

This episode was originally released in 2017.

Written by Hunter Norris and Christian Gridelli

Featuring Lindsey Andersen, Brent Weinbach, Hari Kondabolu, Will Frazier, Leah Darany and Chris Bowman

Directed by Nick White

Special thanks to Colin Anderson

Sound design and editing by Jeff Emtman

Music from The Black Spot

Artwork by Jorge Jacinto

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