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This podcast episode focuses on the post-World War Two conflict between the USA and the Soviet Union and asks the question, what if it the Cold War between the two superpowers went horribly wrong and how would the world look if the Tsar Bomba, noted as the ‘Russian Monster Bomb’ was dropped on American soil and devastated the New York skyline?

This, as before, is a work of fiction with the ideas of what could have happened – so we need a catalyst; something that changes the course of history. 

We begin the work of fiction – that being the failed assassination attempt of John F. Kennedy, who survives the Dallas shooting but leads to a horrific end of civilisation before the end of 1967. As always, sit back, hit those lights and enjoy the episode…

Episode narrated by Top5s
Music by CO.AG


Our episodes deal with serious and often distressing cases involving serial killers. Listener discretion is advised.

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