”The Devil Came To St. Louis: The True Story of the 1949 Exorcism” with Troy Taylor

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On today’s show we are chatting with supernatural historian, author, and researcher Troy Taylor about his book “The Devil Came To St. Louis: The True Story of the 1949 Exorcism”. The story of 13 year old “Roland Doe” and his exorcism in 1949 inspired William Peter Blatty to write the book, “The Exorcist”, that later became the iconic movie. Troy has been researching this story for over 20 years and released the uncensored 3rd version of his book in September 2021, revealing all the real names and places after the death of Roland, whose real name is Ronald Hunkeler, in 2020. https://www.amazon.com/Devil-Came-St-Louis-Uncensored-ebook/dp/B09G48PT8H/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+devil+came+to+st.+louis&qid=1634591725&sr=8-1   https://www.americanhauntingsink.com/    

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