The Dark ‘N Stormy

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This episode was called the Dark N’ Stormy – so exactly like what the cocktail is actually called, but it just fit so perfectly with our theme: shipwrecks and their ghosts. One night after watching the movieThe Fog it got us a wondering, surely an island will have more maritime based spirits to shake a stick at. We weren’t wrong! Mainly caused by shipwrecks, Alex (our bartender) chose the ‘foreshadowing-ly’ named, Dark ‘N Stormy.

Our stories circumnavigated nearly the entire coastline of Ireland and uncovered tales of the ghosts from the wrecks, the ghosts of those who escaped the sea and even the ghosts of the shipwrecks themselves…drink (responsibly) every time we make a terrible nautical pun but this rum-based drink made us the drunken sailors. To ‘sea’ where we got our sources from (sorry) check out : Legends, Charms and Superstitions of Ireland – Lady Wilde,, Lady Gregory’s complete Irish Mythology,, Tarquin Blake’s Haunted Ireland, Wikipedia,, , , ,,,,,