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In the heart of winter, as the world wraps itself in the festive embrace of the Christmas season, there lurks a darker, more ancient side to these holiday celebrations. Beyond the jingle bells and joyful carols hide tales of monsters and dark creatures, born from the shadowy corners of folklore and the depths of the human psyche. From the frosty forests of Europe to the snowy expanse of North America, every culture seems to harbor its own spectral beings, turning the season of light into a playground of nocturnal terrors and cautionary tales.
These legends, woven into the very fabric of the holiday, serve as a chilling reminder that Christmas isn’t just a time of cheer and goodwill, but also a season of mystery and ancient lore. What truths lie behind these mythic creatures of yuletide terror?
This Case File, join the Theorists as we unravel the tinsel-wrapped terror and the holly-jolly horrors of…The Dark Legends of Yuletide.

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