The Crate in the Desert

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On episode 174 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by former Air Force Security Forces officer, Jeremy McGowan. Jeremy is a twelve-year veteran, having spent almost three years in the Middle East during Desert Storm and other operations, serving with Joint Special Operations Command and the DEA in performing counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of Colombia. But during an operation in the Jordanian Desert in 1995, something inexplicable occurred. He and a fellow security officer were ordered to guard a massive, unmarked crate in the middle of the desert. They were never told what was in the crate or why they were guarding it. But while performing the cryptic duties one night, McGowan noticed something strange in the skies. Something that hovered directly over the crate and performed unbelievable maneuvers. Whatever it was, it seemed just as interested in the contents of that crate as McGowan was. And as we dig deeper in to the events of that night, we will be just as curious as well. McGowan runs us through the entire event, the aftermath, and his thoughts and theories on what was in the crate, where it went, and why the UFO may have been so interested in the contents.

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Episode edited by Jane Palomera Moore

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