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On a brilliantly starry, starry night, Cian leaves the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin to wander through the woods, sit by the railway tracks, and phone his friend Chris ‘Spooky’ Joyce. They have an important conversation to resume: The Coming Of The Greys! Yes, the interrupted journey is un-interrupted (?) at last in this sort-of follow-up to The Coming Of The Greys: One From The Vaults!

So where do those darned alien Greys come from anyway –and why are they so interested in probing us? (Hint: the answer ain’t Zeta Reticuli)

The guys dive back into the nitty-gritty of the infamous 1961 Hill case to get things started. So many threads – why did the ‘men’ the Hills reported in their creepy initial UFO sighting only morph into more alien-looking creatures after the weird dreams began? Did Barney Hill have unconscious memories of waking up on the operating table? And why in the blue blazes did anybody ever think that hypnotic regression was a reliable way of recalling real memories?

From there, the guys hit up the TV version with James Earl Jones, have Close Encounters Of The Christopher Walken Kind in 1989’s Communion(which has nothing to do with eating wafers), get paranoid untangling the influence of the X-Files, and generally try to figure out how the Grey came to represent the standard image of an extra-terrestrial.

Oh, and of course this episode should really have been titled Fifty Shades of Greys.


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