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July 7th of 1995, saw the opening of the science fiction horror film Species. The feature film quickly became MGM’s biggest opening at the time. The plot revolved around a secret U.S. Government program that engineered a living organism from the combination of human and alien DNA. The hybrid creature rampages through the city of Los Angeles leaving a trail of bodies and blood behind it. A similar situation would seemingly unfold in reality on the island Puerto Rico just one month later. August of that very same year would see a flood of reports of a shadowy creature that locals had marked as responsible for a number of mysterious livestock deaths in the months prior where it was claimed that at least some of the bodies had been completely drained of blood. Townspeople from around the capital city of San Juan would report identifying the menacing creature by its glowing red eyes and scale-covered body. A creature that should not have existed outside of twisted nightmares or on a movie screen. This case file, join the Theorists as they play catch up from December’s Ron Pond Fan Pick and bring you the supernatural sanguine saga of…The Chupacabra

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