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THE CELLAR Miniseries 3.4: The Renegotiation

The Cellar Miniseries continues with this thrilling retelling, by Kevin Kordis, of an old folktale. In order to save the people of his village from marauders, a blacksmith must enter into an agreement with the agent of a mysterious figure. Some years later, he feels that he should revisit this situation with the agent. The agent doesn’t agree, but the smith is…quite persuasive. Mr. Kordis wrote this play for the 2019 Cellar Scriptwriting Competition, and received Honorable Mention. We’re very proud to be finally presenting it.  This episode has the added thrill of having been edited and mixed in a single marathon production session lasting approximately 10 hours! We hope you enjoy it.

Announcer: Trevor Rines Cadavera Quivry (Your Ghostly Host): Angela Young   Nick Wommack as The ORATOR Jason D. Johnson as The SMITH Chuck Wilson as The ELDER Orlando Segarra as The AGENT

The Cellar theme by Tom Rory Parsons

Incidental music by Dr. Ross Bernhardt

Produced & directed by Pete Lutz