The Cave of Bones with Bernie Taylor – Feb 24, 2024

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Seriah is joined by naturalist, author and archeoastronomer Bernie Taylor to discuss prehistoric hominids, ancient cave art, and misinterpretation. Topics include “Homo Naledi”, the Rising Star cave system in South Africa, paleoanthropologist Lee Berger, Netflix series “Cave of Bones”, Gorham’s cave system in Gibraltar, cave art, peer review in academia, the stoned ape theory, Neanderthals, UNESCO, hashtag markings, misinterpretation of cave art, George Schaller, Masai giraffes, the journeys of ancient nomadic peoples, Ffyona Campbell, the ancient zodiac, Plato, Atlantis, prehistoric trade routes, Jebel Musa image of Moses, the strait of Gibraltar, Jebel Irhoud Morocco remains, evolution, taking ancient artifacts into space, the role of profit and ego in archeology and other sciences, National Geographic, lost ancient societies, Gobekli Tepe, cultural interactions between the “old” and “new” worlds, Netflix series “Bodies”, earlier and earlier dates in paleontology and archeology, purposes of cave art, David Lewis-Williams, shamanic ritual in caves, light deprivation, Gram Hancock, downsides of psychedelics, Animism, pareidolia, dogma in science and pop culture, Altamira cave system in Spain, Pablo Picasso, Francisco Franco, Spanish Civil War, fundamentalist Catholicism, the ancient Iberian peninsula, flaws of Egyptology, and much more! This is a fast-paced, information-packed conversation!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell ofThe Weird Part Podcast

Outro Music is Deya Dova with Hollow Bone