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Look, up in the sky… It’s a Bird… It’s a plane… It’s a 13,000-year-old alien probe sent to keep an eye on us! Those that believe the Black Knight Satellite is real say it is just that, and the story has all the best players- Nikola Tesla, Astronauts, Reptilians, Ancient Aztecs, the USSR, Jacques Vallée, even the Illuminati! Does it exist? Where did it come from? Did Conspiracy Bot wipe out Mars? Those are the questions we tackle this week with the help of Tach Van Sickle of A Very Brady Podcast. All that and more from the podcast that doesn’t have any satellites in orbit, we keep our robots on the ground where they can do the most damage – Hysteria 51

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:
Research Assistant – Raymond Walden IV

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