The Bilderberg Group: Philanthropic Forum or Corrupt Cabal Conference? | 85

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Imagine an annual secret meeting of the world’s elite. Politicians, heads of industry, financial leaders, and media executives all trading secrets, colluding on policies, and essentially determining the fate of the free world year after year. Sounds like a James Bond plot, right? Well, it’s also AN ACTUAL CONFERENCE that has taken place on a yearly basis since 1954. But what is the Bilderberg Group really up to? Is it a well meaning group of thought leaders putting their heads together annually to make the world a safer and better place? Or, are they one uniquely shaped island or mountain short of a Saturday morning cartoon-worthy cabal? We take the red pill and see how deep this rabbit hole goes this week. Plus, Count Von Count makes an appearance and goes R rated, precogs have it out for John, and Joe Peck is back…for the last time. All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t a secret cabal led by a European count, but if we were the count would DEFINITELY be a Muppet – Hysteria 51.


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