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Welcome Weirdos and Floridians alike!

This is our very first official CROSSOVER EPISODE!  We had the pleasure of joining the boys of one of our favorite podcasts Florida Men on Florida Man in their Studio in sunny Florida last week via Skype to chat about some recent crazy “Florida Man” headlines, answer listener questions, play a game that was definitely not rigged, and discuss the totally weird tale of the Betz Mystery Sphere!

In March of 1974, a Florida family stumbled upon a strange metal artifact after a brush fire on their property that, after a couple weeks, started to move on it’s own… 

Please make sure you check out Florida Men on Florida Man, we’ve enjoyed every single episode of their hilarious pod and we know you will, too!  Follow them on Instagram & Twitter @fmofmpodcast and of course follow us as well @keepitweirdcast