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Imagine being 19 years old. In the US Military, a member of the military police force. In a foreign country. Your base is on lock down due to some unknown activity and you are assigned to guard the East gate of your base. Whilst doing so, you come face to face with something completely out of this world, literally. How would you cope at the time? What would you do afterwards? How would it affect the rest of your life? And then the following night another incident occurs that you witness, how would that shatter your paradigms of reality?

These are the actual events that happened to my guest M. Stacy Smith in 1980. During what has become one of the world’s most famous UFO incidents. Called the Rendlesham Forest incident. My guest was based on the Bentwaters, base on England’s East Coast.

Stacy has never before come forward publically to speak about his experiences on those nights, but he is doing so for the very first time with me. And what a story it is. . . .

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