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The Aos Sí, have you ever heard of that term? Perhaps you may have heard of them by any of the other names they sometimes are called. The Irish and Scottish people often use these terms; “The Good Neighbours”, “The Fair Folk”, or simply “The Folk” – or you may have heard of them called ‘The Fae’, ‘The Fairy Folk’, or simply ‘Fairies’.

People already aware of the Fae, at least having heard of them, may consider them merely a myth or a legend, or buy into the Disney version of fairies as little people who have wings and fly around like ‘Tinkerbell’ from the Hook movie, played very ably by the actress Julia Roberts. At least, that is the way that most media would have us see the fae. But is that an accurate portrayal of these elusive beings? What do you think? Do you even believe they exist? Do they exist? And if they do, why don’t more people see them?

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