The Anunnaki Connection: Are We the Creation of an Alien Race? Unraveling the Ancient Alien Hypothesis

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What if humans were not the result of evolution on Earth, but rather the creation of an alien race thousands of years ago? Join us on this fascinating journey, as we explore this bold theory and its origins, starting with the groundbreaking work of esteemed astrophysicist Carl Sagan and his colleague Iosif Shklovsky. We'll also dive into the mythical story of Oannes: a half-man, half-fish creature from ancient Sumer who is said to have bestowed knowledge upon the earliest civilizations.

Expect the unexpected as we dive deeper into the work of Zecharia Sitchin, a leading figure in the ancient alien hypothesis, who believes that a god-like alien race known as the Anunnaki brought the blueprint of humankind to Earth. Discover the compelling physical evidence found in ancient Sumerian star maps and the implications of these theories on our understanding of history and our place in the cosmos. Are we mere pawns in an extraterrestrial game? Listen in and decide for yourself!

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