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On episode 30 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan returns to UFOs with a detailed overview of the 1967 Betty Andreasson UFO abduction case. 

One calm night, Betty was finishing dinner with her family when a group of non-human creatures entered her home, paralyzed her family into a state of suspended animation, and proceeded to abduct her and perform examinations on her aboard their craft. 

This case is highly controversial and hotly debated. We’ll hear from listeners on just what they think of the entire affair. We will then hear from Peter Robbins, UFO researcher and former assistant of the late abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins. What does Robbins make of this bizarre case? Could it all be an elaborate hoax? Or was Betty Andreasson taken aboard a craft in what she believed to be a half alien/half religious experience of cosmic proportions?

Guest Bio: Peter Robbins is an investigative writer, author, and lecturer, best known for his books, columns, articles, radio commentaries, interviews and conference talks. He has appeared as a guest on and been a consultant to numerous television programs and documentaries. Peter was born in Queens New York and studied art, design, and theater at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He received his BFA (painting, film history) from New York City’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) where he also taught painting for a dozen years. In the mid-1980s, he became seriously involved in UFO research when his knowledge of classified data indicated to him the US government was not telling the public the truth about UFOs.

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