TFD:SB – EP1 | Christian Reacts to Netflix’s Haunted Pt. 1 – Demon Cat | Satanic Rituals & Demonic Entities & Possession

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Welcome to TFD Summer Break! Season 1 has ended, and while the gang recharges their batteries, and gears up for Season 2 of The Freaky Deaky later this Fall, we’ll be releasing shorter weekly episodes across all your favorite pod catchers. It’s gonna be a good time. Special Guests, Guest Hosts, Heather will debut some True Crime, and we’ll also be uploading video shorts, and behind the scenes footage on our YouTube Channel & TikTok Page, so make sure you’re following along across our social media pages!

In todays Summer Break segment, I (Scott) sat down with co-host and resident Skeptic, Christian, to watch a couple episodes of Netflix’s Haunted to see if any of these terrifying true stories hold any weight in the eyes of a skeptic! Fair warning, this episode contains major spoilers, so if you haven’t checked out Haunted on Netflix, make sure you give it a view before listening; we’ll be covering the “Demon Cat” episode today.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week, where we cover the episode, “In the Pines”.

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