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Imagine .. being stuck in the middle of the ocean with nothing in front of you but the swishing of the waves gently hitting the side of your boat as you glide into openness unaware of what's completely below you. Have you ever wondered what’s buried in the deep blue? Ever wonder how artifacts end up in the ocean? This is what we dive into on this episode of Hidden In The Shadows.  

Our show focuses on everything Hidden In The Shadows and this for sure fits that bill. This episode we dive into the vast wonders of the ocean. Thousands of feet down, lurking underneath.. What is actually down there? In this episode we cover topics such as Siren/ Mermaids, Ghost Ships, Crazy Encounters, Underwater Cities, and Bizarre Creatures. Warning: This episode might make you look at the ocean a little bit differently. 

Next episode: Ed And Lorraine Warren: The Case Files

The next episode airing on Friday, September 3rd 2021, is all about the paranormal duo Ed and Lorraine Warren. Being a husband and wife duo ourselves invested into the paranormal this is an interesting conversation topic and one we are very happy to dive into. We’ll go back over their most prolific cases, while analyzing our theories and opinions, and comparing what the movies exaggerated. We also will take the opinions of people who don’t 100% believe Ed and Lorraine Warren were true and dive into those theories. 


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