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The history of beliefs regarding lost cities and civilizations beneath the Earth’s surface is as vast and winding as the caverns of Agartha itself. In this episode we welcome Edward Guimont back to the cabin for a chat about some of the most interesting characters who have contributed to Hollow Earth thinking. Beginning with an apocryphal tale of American pilot Admiral Byrd encountering a super-civilization of Nordic Masters inside the Hollow Earth, we cycle back to John Cleeve Symmes and his manifest destiny-style plans to conquer the Hollow Earth for the USA. Meet Raymond Bernard, the health food utopian who placed flying saucers within the Hollow Earth, Willy Ley, who wrote on occult Nazi beliefs, and Gerard Kuiper, respected astronomer who lended legitimacy to the idea that Nazis studied the sky in order to spot the movements of allied vessels on the far side of the concave Hollow Earth.


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Pseudoscience in Naziland, Willy Ley


German Astronomy During The War, Gerard Kuiper