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Can you imagine what it would be like to be driving home one night, when all of a sudden your car is surrounded by this blinding bright light and as you struggle to keep conscious awareness, you look over and see the driver of your car is unconscious. With your last remaining consciousness, you are aware that your car is rising off the ground?. . . . Or you wake one night, bolt upright in bed. Only to realise that your bed is surround by beings in a bright light. Beings with large, black, almond shaped eyes. Or you have periods of missing time.

These are events that happened to my guest Suzy Hansen. Author of the book “The Duel Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda For Human Advancement“, head of New Zealand’s professional UFO investigation group UFOCUS NZ. A respected researcher in her field and frequently requested speaker and Conferences here in New Zealand and overseas. And a life-long UFO experiencer. Suzy joins me for the next two episodes to share her experiences and understanding.

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