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On episode six of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan reads a very compelling listener email from a UFO witness, who in 1980 at the age of fourteen, watched in awe as a large triangular craft hovered over her vehicle near Man Lake in Alberta, Canada. As she stared upward, she felt as though whatever controlled the craft was also controlling her thoughts, and somehow knew what she was feeling and thinking. 

The notion of a psychic aspect to UFO sightings bleeds over into this week’s discussion with guest, Susan Demeter-St. Clair. Ryan and Susan discuss several cases that she’s researched where not only psychic and telepathic communications may have been involved, but that elements of high strangeness and the paranormal may, in fact, have more to do with the UFO question than we truly give it credit for. And how do these aspects affect the witness or experiencer during and after the event? It was a fascinating discussion of these often overlooked aspects of UFO reports that certainly raise new questions.

Guest Bio: Susan Demeter-St. Clair is a professional research assistant, author, editor, and PSI experimenter. Her research interests include individual and institutional responses to anomalies and exceptional human experiences, and how they interact and enact change within groups and large institutions, such as the military. Her life took on the framework of UFO experience after an encounter in 1990, and she considers anomaly studies to be her true life’s work. She has established both ParaResearchers of Ontario, and Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada as online educational resources for those wishing to explore the subject of anomalous events. Susan has conducted field research on unusual light phenomena and lectured on this subject at the Ontario Institute for Studies & Education, University of Toronto. She is currently collaborating with Eric Ouellet, Ph.D. of the Canadian Forces College on new approaches to UFO studies through the lenses of scientific Parapsychology. At the time of this publication, Susan is conducting a series of independent experiments based in part on the work of the late mathematician, Dr. A.R.G Owen and psychotherapist Dr. Joel Whitton that will be the focus of a book on UFOs, social PSI, and Magick. More info can be found on her website: www.susanstclair.com

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