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On episode 103 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined once again by Joey Chait, an ex-member of the church of Scientology. In part 2 of this series, they discuss what happened after Joey was kicked out of the infamous “Sea Org” for being gay. Then Joey runs us through the incredible story of how and why he was sent to federal prison, testified under oath about what he endured in his lifetime with the church of Scientology, and what happened when he finally left completely. Then, Joey describes his interactions with the mysterious, new leader of Scientology, David Miscaviage, and his complete hijacking of the entire religion. Joey then answers listener questions to help clear up misconceptions and confirmations about the church, itsfollowers, and what comes next for him as an ex-member speaking out against Scientology.

Guest Bio: Joey Chait is a former member of the Church of Scientology and was raised in the cult since birth. He was forced into Scientology training courses at a very young age, and worked in the family business, with his Scientology family for most of his life. In 2016, Joey decided to publicly speak out against Scientology, including his story of being gay and growing up in a homophobic cult. Joey continues to speak publicly about the abusive practices of Scientology and is currently writing an autobiography about his life in the cult. Joey is happily engaged to his long-time partner in Los Angeles and continues to work with ex-Scientologists, or anyone wishing to leave a cult, especially those that are part of the LGBTQ + community.




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