Sunny – NFS Podcast | American Moors, Trans-Pacific Slave Trade, and Exploring 16th Century America

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Sunny, No Funny Shit Podcast, joins me to discuss the lost history of black people in North and South America prior to Columbus, we review a very old book written in the 16th century or based on the explorations from the 16th century which leads to some incredible discoveries that you do not wanna miss! We later discuss the truth behind the Spanish American War and how the many slaves from Polynesia and the Philippines were taken to the newly developing states on the West Coast of The U.S. these people became misidentified as African. Its astounding what has been written out of history for political, racial, or otherwise exploitative reasons, I truly hope this conversation helps push this tense topic forward into a clearer understanding of race, ethnicity, equality, and our lost shared multicultural history. For more from Sunny Follow NFS podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

America: being an accurate description of the New World:

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