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The ghouls are back in town, the ghouls are back in town!

Welcome to another edition of LISTENER GHOST STORIES!  In Listener Ghost stories we take YOUR stories, our lovely weirdos, and we share them with the world!

This week we are feeling the love– many of the stories in this episode are sentimental and heartwarming– but don’t worry.  They’re still creepy as hell.

This week we encounter MORE BATHROOM GHOSTS (what is going ON in there?) multiple visits from family members, and demons in the closet, demons in the cellar, and even demons in your chest.

You guessed it– this episode is BONKERS.

If YOU have a spooky, strange, unexplainable, creepy, gross, scary, or sticky story that you want to be featured on a future LGS episode– email it to keepitweirder@gmail.com!



Mattia Cupelli (grandpa Joe story)