Steven Snider | The Albacore Mystery, Twin Peaks, Black Lodge, and The Art

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Steven Snider aka Recluse, returns to the show to unravel the Albacore Mystery, a puzzle in the periphery of Hollywood, the secret society behind the scenes. David Lynch is one of many directors involved in this exhibitionist teasing of truth in fiction, we discuss his Twin Peaks and the influence of others like Peter Ivers, Mark Frost and the TM Movement in his fascinating serial drama. Steven breaks down his interpretation of the series, and that the black lodge plays a role in corrupting the idyllic town of twin peaks, and maybe even Detective Dale Cooper… In the supporters only section of the show we dive into Recluse’s latest book The Art Book I; The Secret History of Psywar, Conspiritainment and the Shattering of Reality. We also circle back to Twin Peaks, how the Mandela Effect is alluded to in the series and what David Bowie evoked with his participation.

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