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Brent and David are joined this week by Steven Kotler to talk his new book, The Devil’s Dictionary. Steven is a New York Times-bestselling author; we are talking nine bestsellers out of thirteen books total… How awesome is that?!?! And he has a fascinating array of books, such as The Art of Impossible, Tomorrowland, The Rise of Superman, Last Tango in Cyberspace, and many more. Not one to rest, he is also an award-winning journalist (nominated for 2 Pulitzer Prizes), he has done his own Ted Talk, and he is the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective—a peak performance research and training institute that researches the neuroscience of flow states and trains individuals to harness the power of flow so they can achieve more, faster. Plus, near and dear to our hearts here at H51, Steven is a dog lover and cofounder of the Rancho de Chihuahua, a hospice and special needs dog sanctuary. Steven stops by to talk about how he uses fiction not just to entertain, but to generate dialogue and discussions to alert others of climate change and shed light on existing technologies that could combat climate change now.

About The Devil’s Dictionary:
In The Devil’s Dictionary, when a routine em-tracking job goes sideways and em-trackers themselves start disappearing, Lion finds himself not knowing who to trust in a life and death race to uncover the truth. And when the trail leads to the world’s first mega-linkage, a continent-wide national park advertised as the best way to stave off environmental collapse, and exotic animals unlike any on Earth start showing up―Lion’s quest for truth becomes a fight for the survival of the species.

Packed with intrigue and heart-pounding action, marked by unforgettable characters and vivid storytelling, filled with science-based brilliance and cult comic touches, The Devil’s Dictionary is Steven Kotler at his thrilling science fiction best.

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